Lincoln, Oregon

It’s been forever since I updated my blog, and in the interim, I’ve graduated from Vermont College of Fine Arts (MFA in creative non-fiction and fiction), driven across the whole country in a Nissan Versa (containing two kids, husband, cat, and dog, plus most of what we needed for the coming year), and settled into a new, though temporary, life as a college professor at a little cross-disciplinary program on a mountain outside Ashland, OR. A thousand things have happened, prompting a million thoughts, each deserving its own post. SO here I pause for a brief moment to acknowledge what has been omitted.

Come winter, come the end of my first semester of teaching, I expect I will backtrack in time to catch up on some of these missed opportunities. For now, though, I must push ahead to prep for a writing workshop with my students, prepare for a three-day trip to the Oregon Coast (I’ll be chaperoning Pinehurst school’s middle school class) that starts tomorrow, read the upcoming books for our next segment of study (Brian Doyle’s Mink River, Jonathan Haidt’s Happiness Hypothesis, and Christian Smith’s Moral, Believing Animals.

In this new, exciting time, I enjoy the work. I do. This is the best job I could possibly imagine (living in intentional community with students and colleagues, chopping firewood, reading books and talking about them, mentoring students and giving individual feedback on papers, hiking and camping with students). Yet at that same time, I miss the people from my past who have helped to give order and meaning to my life. Amidst the new thoughts swirling around in my brain, images of you flutter and float, breaking my heart and healing it again, energizing me for the work ahead.

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