The Sisters of Cootes Store in Newfound Journal

Steven and I collaborated on another photo-essay about Cootes Store, this time about our daughters’ relationship to place.  We’re excited that the essay found a good home at the online journal, Newfound: An Inquiry of Place.

The Sisters of Cootes Store

The Sisters of Cootes Store
Steven David Johnson & Anna Maria Johnson

Magdalena and Eliza, our daughters, are untroubled by the mixture of natural and human-made materials in their environment. When Eliza was very small, perhaps two or three, she casually mentioned that fingernails were made of plastic. At nine, she now knows about keratin, but mixes real and artificial flowers into a bouquet without feeling a need to separate them. Likewise, her sister, Maggie, sees no inconsistency in crafting a “Queen of the Nature” costume that includes PVC pipe.

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  1. admin says:

    Precipitate Journal has changed its name to Newfound Journal. Our photo-essay is still there.

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