Erasure Poem

An interesting contemporary form of making poetry is to take a page of text from a source (say, an out-of-print book, for example), and carefully select some of the words to make a new poem or story.  The remaining words are crossed out, painted over, or covered with collages.

This is a simple attempt of mine, prompted by an online contest through the website Numero Cinq.

The original text is a page from a how-to manual on sword-fighting.  After my changes, the remaining text says something about persistence, and could be applied to sword-fighting, the writing craft, a relationship, or anything you have to set your mind to and work at, despite the feeling that you’re hitting a wall.

If the text is hard to read at this size, click on the picture to open a larger image.

Parry the Wall

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4 Responses to Erasure Poem

  1. sharon says:

    I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. shelly says:

    I love working on/reading erasure poetry. Done well, they somehow feel very alive.

  3. Mayor Jones says:

    Parry the adversary! Bravo, well done.

  4. Angela Ess says:

    What a unique concept. Love it!

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