Best Smoothie Ever!

For the past month, our household has battled seasonal flu, and found an ally in fruit smoothies.  Any frozen fruit will do, but mixed berries yield highest quality anti-oxidants and immune-boosting vitamins.  When we ran out of yogurt, I experimented with a pared-down version of our usual smoothies.   It’s so good, I wanted to share it with you.  Even if you’re not sick.

Into a blender, drop:

-Most of a bag of frozen fruit (about 10 ounces?), ie.  mixed strawberries, raspberries and blueberries (alternatively, use peaches)

-1 cup steeped Good Earth sweet and spicy tea

-1 banana

-honey, if desired

-1 capful vanilla extract

-enough milk to aid blending (optional; may use 4-5 ice cubes instead, for vegan version or if you’ve simply run out of milk and are too sick to grocery shop)

Puree until pourable, and enjoy immediately.  Serves 4.

If you’re too sick to enjoy real meals, alternate smoothies with hot soups and tea till you feel better.  If you’re well, enjoy smoothies for breakfast or snack to help ward off illness.

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2 Responses to Best Smoothie Ever!

  1. Barb Fraschetti says:

    I like to add spinach leaves to my smoothies. If you are using blueberries or something with lots of color you can’t even tell the spinach is there. We have used peaches/bananas/spinach and the kids protest because it is green. The spinach does not change the taste of the smoothie and it is a great way to swallow those greens. Try it, yum yum!

  2. Jennifer Jo says:

    I second Barb’s suggestion. Though our favorite combo is banana/pear/spinach. It’s bright green and the kids like it so much that some of them complain when I give them a non-green smoothie.

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