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Conversation with Grandma Davis

Today, on her birthday, I called my grandma, and enjoyed a wide-ranging talk about the family gossip, literature, magazines she reads (The Smithsonian and National Geographic), television, writing, her hearing aids, and handicapped accessibility.  As usual, I enjoyed her witty … Continue reading

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An Essay Related to the Writing Craft

Today, for fun, I’m posting an essay I wrote first semester, looking at a Eudora Welty short story through the eyes of a writer. How does a good writer do it? What are the elements of a good story? There’s always some kind of conflict, often a three-act structure, and ah, variation.

[Nota bene: The bias alert! on my proofreading software is disturbed at my use of the word “ladies” in the following essay. It indicates I should have used the term “women.” I’m choosing to let this essay stand as is, totally un-PC, in favor of following Welty’s original language. Either Welty, who wrote in the dark ages of the 1940s and 50s, thought “lady” was an acceptable nominative for a full-grown, female person, or she’s demeaning her characters. Read her short story and decide for yourself.] Continue reading

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Curry F(l)avor

Earlier this week, Steven was home for “fall break” (otherwise known as “catch up on grading”), and together we made a big pot of curry stew to carry us through the next several meals. Leftover soup/stew is the ultimate convenience … Continue reading

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On Contradiction

I read this passage today in David Jauss’s excellent book on the writing craft, Alone With All That Could Happen, in which he quotes Simone Weil: ” ‘We are only certain,’ she says, ‘about what we do not understand.’ The … Continue reading

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Traces of Tralfamadore

Traces of Tralfamadore Farm, an installation piece that found a home in 2008 at the Davison Gallery of Roberts Wesleyan College, arose out of an apprenticeship with fiber artist and farmer, Nancy Slye.  I’m working on an essay linking the … Continue reading

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Hello, small microcosm of the universe!

It’s official.  I now have a blog, complete with a ribcage!  (Shouldn’t every blog have a solid bone structure?)  I’ve set this up at the request of some friends, and welcome readers’ input on topics, themes, etc.  For now, I’m … Continue reading

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